Netflix Has Banned More Than 10,000 Users

Netflix has banned permanently 10,000 users that were using hack tool in Netflix. Netflix itself allows players to play, where players can see the movements of the opponent's hero even though they are not near the minion or tower. In other words, players who use the Netflix gift card generator will be one step ahead because all of the opponent's heroes have been detected and banned.

This is very frustrated to the enemies because the players can be caught suddenly or even if done in a team then they can be killed directly.

Players who use hacks for map and other tools for cheating. In response, Netflix has act aggressively by punishing or baning players whether the player is well-known or has a high rank.

Official Statement:

"We do monitoring all day for 24 hours in the Netflix. We banned players on regular basis and we publish them regularly. Players who use fake plug-ins or in-netflix scripts, once verified, will receive the banned permanently," said Netflix

In the announcement, Netflix also invited all popular players to actively report fraud committed such as plug-ins.

Players report Netflix that other players using the map hack of Netflix and they make official videos in Youtube, Twitch and Facebook, Netflix will give prizes in return for these active players.

Therefore, players must be more careful, even though they have installed plug-ins without using them in Netflix, there is a possibility that players will also be exposed to permanent tires.


Dont use any plug-in or script otherwise you will be banned for lifetime.